Locksmith Burgos Repair Change Locks Open Doors Burgos


Locksmith Burgos Repair Change Locks Open Doors Burgos

Opening and repair of Fichet locks. Special mention must be made of the Fichet locks, which are the best on the market. Well, the Burgos locksmith is skilled in disassembling these locks, he knows in depth the different components of the fichet lock, an essential requirement to proceed to repair future breakdowns of these locks. You know how the different Fichet lock systems work and their different bulbs (480, 787 and F3D).

The Burgos locksmith can open doors with anti-pick locks using the most advanced picking techniques. We know how python cylinders work against normal pythons and also, special ones.

Opening security doors: armored and armored doors

locksmith info burgos - Locksmith Burgos Repair Change Locks Open Doors BurgosFirst of all, we must warn that opening armored and armored doors is an arduous and complicated task. However, with patience and expertise, the Burgos locksmith will be able to open doors of all kinds.

The interchangeable use of the terms armored door and bolted door has been used by unscrupulous sellers. From this page, Locksmiths Burgos wants to point out that an armored door is a wooden door that has some specific iron reinforcement. It cannot be considered as a security door since its overall resistance is very low. Iron reinforcements are totally ineffective against a simple lever attack, so it will be very easy for the Burgos locksmith to open their armored door. In fact, we assure you that we open it instantly.

Locksmith opening armored door

Opening an armored door is another matter entirely because it has an integral iron structure and complies with the UNE 1627: 2011 standard where the degree of security must be determined. Due to their structure, they are more resistant than armored doors, but it is also scientifically proven that they can be opened in approximately 3 minutes due to the low quality of the protective shield, cylinder and key that they have incorporated.

Opening a security door is extremely difficult. The security door differs from the armored and armored door because it is the only door capable of withstanding almost any attack. It is suitable for all types of homes, premises and buildings. Its steel structure also protects the closing system. Only those that comply with the AENOR standard on security doors will be considered security doors: UNE 85160: 2013.

Locksmith opening of security doors

Security doors that comply with the UNE regulations are practically impregnable. They have been manufactured to resist manual attacks with very sophisticated tools: cylinder extractor, pressure clamp, light bulb breaker, neodymium magnet, false keys or Borjas picks, electric drills, twist drills and square bits, etc.

However, the Burgos locksmith has the training to perform an opening of security doors, armored doors and armored doors in Burgos without causing damage to the door or the door frame, or the security lock. We are true professionals equipped with the best, most subtle and precise tools. Also do not forget that we are experienced locksmiths. We have been working in this sector for a long time and opening doors of all models.

Garage door opening

There are several ways to open an automatic garage door. Next, the Burgos locksmith will offer you the five most common garage door opening systems.

Open garage door with a button

It is usually placed inside the garage on the entrance wall. It is a simple contact pushbutton, it can be a small button like a house bell or a large pushbutton for industrial use. Sometimes double up and down buttons are fitted that must be held down while the garage door goes up or down.

Open garage door with an ignition lock

The contact locks are usually found inside a small box that houses a contact that when the key is turned activates the garage door.

These two options are usually installed as security measures in case the wireless automation does not work.

Opening garage doors with remote control

The remote control is the most used automation to open automatic doors. It is the most comfortable solution since it does not require getting out of the vehicle to open the garage door. There are many models of controls with more or less security, with different frequencies and with various programming options.

Opening garage door with mobile phone

It is the latest news. For a few years, control systems have been coming onto the market through mobile phones. With the installation of an application everything is possible.

Open garage door with an access control

This system is ideal when you have the need to control the identity of who enters and leaves the garage. Each user is identified to access in a certain time slot or delimited zone. The garage can be accessed with a card, with a remote control or with other types of automation.

All these garage door opener systems can break down relatively easily and it is at such inopportune moments that the work of the Burgos locksmith is so valuable. Sometimes it happens that the light goes out, the control does not work or has lost it, or the tubular motor has broken down. All of this usually happens at the worst of times: always when we’re in a hurry. Luckily, you can trust the Burgos locksmiths that in less than 20 minutes they will be with you to open your garage door and you can continue with your daily life.

Locksmith 24 Hours in Burgos

Opening a door without a garage, opening an electric gate without light, opening an automatic door without a remote control is no problem for the Burgos locksmith.

Do not doubt for a moment that we are the locksmiths in Burgos best prepared to open your door without a key and without causing damage to your door, whatever the model.

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